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The Femsome Skin Care Complex has been formulated exclusively for the Femnene Corporation's PrivateRx brand by a team of research scientists specializing in skin care product development and efficacy. The Femsome Skin Care Complex was formulated to increase cellular energy and oxygenation, which allows for healthy production of collagen and elastin resulting in firm, taut skin. A blend of vitamins and plant extracts combine in synergy to scavenge free radicals and help reduce inflammation, resulting in younger-looking skin. Unique blend also contains a super-hydrating ingredient derived from sorbitol that significantly increases moisture content in the skin.

After using the PrivateRx anti-aging vaginal creams, moisturizers, pads and serums, intimate skin will look and feel soft, hydrated and silky smooth.

Mitostime (Barnet)
Laminaria Digitata Extract

Active fractions of laminaria digitata, tested in vitro at 1% for 28 days, demonstrated improved cellular respiration. Further tests confirmed improvement in mitochondrial (intracellular) respiration, suggesting old fibroblasts may be rejuvenated to look and act younger with improved collagen production.

Thiotaine (Barnet)

A unique amino acid that scavenges the superoxide and hydroxyl radicals as evaluated in a lipid peroxidation test. It is stable and superior to typical anti-oxidants present inside cells, and has been shown to increase fatty acid transfer to mitochondria and reduce TNF-Alpha, an in vitro effect suggesting anti-inflammatory benefits.

Fucogel 1000 (BPC)
Biosaccharide Gum–1

Distinguished by exceptionally intensive and long-lasting moisturizing effect, this ingredient has been shown to form a protective layer that can inhibit water loss from cells as well as counter adverse atmospheric factors. Fucose content has also been shown to weaken allergic reactions.

Actigen O2 (Active Organics)
Panax Ginseng & Gynostemma Pentaphyllum

A unique blend of components shown to increase levels of superoxide dismutase, a very strong endogenous cellular anti-oxidant. Designed to increase blood circulation, available oxygen and nutrients as well as enhance cellular function and protect cells against oxidative damage for healthier-looking, smoother skin.