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Sexual Self Esteem
Regain Confidence
The PrivateRx brand of products was designed to shed light on womens' intimate skincare challenges, promote healing of these all-too-common afflictions, and give women the comfort and sexual confidence they deserve.

Vitality and confidence are a woman's birthright. Today's more open discussion of sexual health and well-being, the availability of information and resources is way beyond anything our mothers or grandmothers could have imagined. It's a great time to be a woman!

Still, some remarkably common issues continue to present frustrating challenges. In his 30 years of private practice as a gynecologist and vaginal surgeon, Dr. Ronald Blatt noticed a number of conditions faced by many women of all ages, but especially mature women:

  • Internal and external vaginal dryness
  • Estrogen-deprived dry, flaky skin
  • Loss of skin tone and elasticity
  • Irritation from shaving and waxing
  • Ingrown hairs in and around the bikini area

Missing from many discussions about sexual self-esteem, health and well-being was that these conditions not only cause physical discomfort, they often put the brakes on intimate encounters.