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Vaginal Dryness Causes, Symtoms and Solutions

External and Internal Vaginal Dryness

External and internal vaginal dryness is a common problem for many women during and after menopause. As many as 4 in 10 women experience signs and symptoms related to external vaginal dryness with menopause. However, women can experience symptoms of vaginal dryness at any age due to stress, childbirth and breast-feeding, or changes in hormone levels due to birth control pills. Luckily, there are treatments for vaginal dryness that help alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms.

Causes of Vaginal Dryness

Potential causes of vaginal dryness include decreased estrogen levels due to menopause or perimenopause, childbirth or breast-feeding, immune disorders, smoking, surgical removal of your ovaries, or effects on your ovaries from radiation therapy, hormone therapy or chemotherapy. Medications such as allergy and cold medications, some antidepressants, and anti-estrogen medications or douching can also be causes of vaginal dryness.

Symptoms of Vaginal Dryness

Symptoms of external vaginal dryness include itching and stinging around the vaginal opening, burning, pain, and discomfort with sex. Fortunately, women today need not suffer from these symptoms, as there are remedies available. Women should be careful, however, about product selection. Facial or body moisturizers should not be used to treat vaginal dryness, as many ingredients used in these products may only exacerbate the problem.

Say Goodby to Vaginal Dryness